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Raindo Putera Lestari

Indonesian garment manufacturer since 1990.


Our Workflow


Material Sourcing, pattern design and grading.

We can help source high-quality fabrics and trims or have them made specially to your specifics. we will then provide a sample approval for the customer


Before stating the production, we send a pre production sample (PPS) to the customer that has to be commented or approved.

Our technical staff proposes optimizations in order to get the production as efficient as possible.

Once the PPS is approved, the production starts and is done within 6 weeks after reception of all fabric and trimmings.


We deliver according to your required standard.

Quality control operations happen at each step of the production: when the raw material arrive, during the cutting, during the making, before packaging.

Raindo Story

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Local & export garment manufacturer

With the end-user in mind, we aim to provide professional and comfortable garments for daily wear.

RPL ‘s teams provide fully integrated professional solution and can assist its clients by taking over the raw material orders and the logistics.

RPL provides a CMT (Cut, Make and Trim) service and FOB (Free On Board) service.

Quality is our watchword and all our team is dedicated in reaching customers' expectations, which gives a trustful relation with its suppliers and its customers for more than 20 years.

Our Product

Our Infrastructure


  • Fabric inspection machine
  • CAD grading and marker making
  • 71" Plotter
  • Bind Knife Machine
  • Automatic cutting machine


  • Single/Double Needle sewing mahine
  • Overlock machine
  • Juki AMS machine
  • Keyhole machine
  • Seam sealing machine
  • Computerized button lock machine
  • Computerized button hole machine
  • Automatic welt pocket machine


  • High Capacity Steam Boiler
  • Steam Press With Vaccum Tables

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Kang Aylie

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